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March 6, 2010, 3:56 am
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Hero of Columbine

Great teachers are the real American heroes for our young people, not race car drivers or football players. And real examples of these heroes abound in our elementary and high schools and in our colleges. Heroes like a hard-working, caring man named Dave Sanders.

Dave grew up in rural Illinois and Indiana and went to a small college in Nebraska. A real hick, you might say. In 1974, he moved to the beautiful Rocky Mountains and accepted a position teaching and coaching in the small town of Littleton, Colorado. He taught business courses for 25 years, courses like accounting, business law and keyboarding and his electives were so popular they were usually full, about 150 kids a year. Also, he coached girls’ and boys’ athletics like basketball and softball.

Okay, just hold the yawns and listen to a few comments from his students. “Mr. Sanders knew how to motivate you,” said Susanne Miller, a former student of Sanders. “He always knew just the right things to say.” Another of his students summed it up this way.

“Mr. Sanders believed in me when I didn’t believe in me.”

Sounds like some great teachers and coaches you know, right. Dave Sanders was known for his unbounded concern for his students and he did whatever he could to take care of them. On April 20, 1999, the world got to witness this unselfish devotion and yes, heroism. That day two angry, disturbed students entered his school, Columbine High School, and opened fire with shotguns and automatic weapons on students and teachers.  Hearing the gunfire, Sanders hurried to the cafeteria where he, with help from two janitors, got over a hundred students to safety.  Then, while everyone else was fleeing the shooting, Dave Sanders alone ran toward the melee, his only thought was to save the students he taught and coached and loved.  While he was on the second floor, getting students out of harm’s way, he was shot in the back by the teen assailants–all captured on video.

A real American hero!  For his heroism and dedication to his students everyday in his classroom, every season on the basketball court and that day in the terrifying corridors, Dave Sanders was even awarded the Authur Ashe Courage Award, the only educator to win the award in its almost two decades.

This week we remember teacher-hero Dave Sanders and all the heroic teachers who sacrifice and support our young people everyday.

Dave Sanders

This week we remember teacher-hero Dave Sanders.

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This specific article Dave Sanders Heroic Teacher Press,
possesses genuinely excellent information and I learned just what I had been researching for.
Thank you.

Comment by jaydion.com

Sorry it has taken us so long to reply but we have been away. Glad that the info was helpful to you. We did considerable research on the wonderful man for the website and Dr. Overbeck’s presentation “Teachers: the Real American Heroes” which features a bit about Dave as well as other heroic teachers. Also, if you are interested, Dave wife recently released a book of about him, though the title eludes me right now. Best of luck.

Comment by heroicteacherpress

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